Use of puppets in child clinical psychology

· Este artículo necesita la atención de un psicólogo / experto académico en el tema. Por favor, ayude a reclutar uno, o mejore esta página usted mismo si está calificado. This banner appears on articles that are weak and whose contents should be approached with academic caution. puppet therapy for children is also effective with adults, training adults to communicate with puppets,including ventriloquy opens vistas of improvement. Children relate better to puppets than to therapists and are more likely to imitate their appropriate behaviour (Webster-Stratton et al., 2001).  Contenido 1 Use of puppets in play therapy 2 Use of puppets in cases of sexual abuse 3 Ver también 4 References Use of puppets in play therapy Use of puppets in cases of sexual abuse Therapist Sydney Kislevitz uses ventriloquy puppets to transcend abuse this rapid technique of recovery evolves See also Anatomically detailed dolls Doll play Webster-Stratton Incredible Years programme References Webster-Stratton, C, Mihalic, S., Fagán, Un., arnold, D.,Taylor, T & Tingley. C. (2001). Blueprints for violence prevention. Libro 11: The incredible years:Parent, teacher and child Training series. Roca, CO: Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence.

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