Thalamic nuclei

Cerebro: Thalamic nuclei Thalamic nuclei: MNG = Midline nuclear group AN = Anterior nuclear group MD = Medial dorsal nucleus VNG = Ventral nuclear group VA = Ventral anterior nucleus VL = Ventral lateral nucleus VPL = Ventral posterolateral nucleus VPM = Ventral posteromedial nucleus LNG = Lateral nuclear group PUL = Pulvinar MTh = Metathalamus LG = Lateral geniculate nucleus MG = Medial geniculate nucleus [[Imagen:|250Px|centro|]] Sujeto latino de Gray # Part of Components Artery Vein BrainInfo/UW - Malla [1] Nuclear groups of the thalamus include: anterior nuclear group - associated with the limbic system, projects to cingulate cortex anteroventral nucleus anterodorsal nucleus anteromedial nucleus medial nuclear group dorsomedial nucleus parvocellular part magnocellular part midline nuclear group paratenial nucleus parventricular nucleus reuniens nucleus rhombodoidal nucleus intralaminar nuclear group centromedian nucleus parafascicular nucleus paracentral nucleus central lateral nucleus central medial nucleus lateral nuclear group lateral dorsal nucleus lateral posterior nucleus pulvinar - a visual "association" nucleus ventral nuclear group ventral anterior nucleus - receives input from basal ganglia and projects to premotor cortex ventral lateral nucleus - receives input from basal ganglia and projects to motor cortex ventral posterior nucleus ventral posterolateral - receives sensory information from the body ventral posteromedial - receives sensory information from the face metathalamus medial geniculate body - receives auditory information (via brachium from inferior colliculus of midbrain) lateral geniculate body - receives visual information from the optic tract thalamic reticular nucleus External links the "Diencephalon" article at geocities Diagram at Diagram at v·d·e Human brain: diencephalon (TA A14.1.08, Georgia 9.807) Epithalamus Surface Pineal body · Habenula · Habenular trigone · Habenular commissure Grey matter Pretectal area · Habenular nuclei · Subcommissural organ Thalamus Surface Stria medullaris of thalamus · Thalamic reticular nucleus · Taenia thalami Grey matter/ nuclei paired: AN · Ventral (VA/VL, VP/VPM/VPL) · Lateral (LD, LP, Pulvinar) · Metathalamus (MG, LG) midline: MD · Intralaminar (Centromedian) · Midline nuclear group · Interthalamic adhesion White matter Mammillothalamic fasciculus · Pallidothalamic tracts (Ansa lenticularis, Lenticular fasciculus, Thalamic fasciculus) · PCML (Medial lemniscus, Trigeminal lemniscus) · Spinothalamic tract · Lateral lemniscus · Dentatothalamic tract · Acoustic radiation · Optic radiation · Subthalamic fasciculus · Anterior trigeminothalamic tract Medullary laminae Hypothalamus Surface Median eminence/Tuber cinereum · Mammillary body · Infundibulum Grey matter Autonomic zones Anterior (parasympathetic/heat loss) · Posterior (sympathetic/heat conservation) Endocrine posterior pituitary: magnocellular/Paraventricular/Supraoptic (oxytocin/vasopressin) otro: parvocellular/Arcuate (dopamine/GHRH) · Preoptic (GnRH) · Suprachiasmatic (melatonin) Emotion Lateral (hunger) · Ventromedial (satiety) · Dorsomedial (rage) White matter afferent (SN → Medial forebrain bundle) · efferent (Mammillothalamic fasciculus → AN, Stria terminalis → Amygdala, Dorsal longitudinal fasciculus → SC) Pituitary Posterior is diencephalon, but anterior is glandular Subthalamus Subthalamic nucleus · Zona incerta Ventricular system: Third ventricle recesses: (Optic recess, Infundibular recess, Suprapineal recess, Pineal recess) Hypothalamic sulcus · Tela chorioidea of third ventricle Subfornical organ Apertures: Interventricular/Monro Posterior commissure This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (ver autores).

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