· Este artículo necesita ser reescrito para mejorar su relevancia para los psicólogos.. Por favor, ayude a mejorar esta página usted mismo si puede.. En medicina, the term syndrome is the association of several clinically recognizable features, signs, síntomas, phenomena or characteristics which often occur together, so that the presence of one feature alerts the physician to the presence of the others. In recent decades the term has been used outside of medicine to refer to a combination of phenomena seen in association. The term syndrome derives from the Greek and means literally "run together," as the features do. The term syndrome is most often used when the reason that the features occur together (pathophysiology) has not yet been discovered. A familiar syndrome name often continues to be used even after an underlying cause has been found. Many syndromes are named after the physicians credited with first reporting the association; estos son "eponymous" syndromes. De otra manera, disease features or presumed causes, as well as references to geography, history or poetry, can lend their names to syndromes List of syndromes Psychologists have been involved in studying a wide variety of syndromes. Estos incluyen:: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Addisons disease Angelman syndrome Aspergers syndrome Athymhormic syndrome Bálint's syndrome Battered child syndrome Capgras syndrome Chronic fatigue syndrome Cohen syndrome Creutzfeldt Jakob syndrome Crying cat syndrome Cushings syndrome Delirium tremens Downs syndrome Duane syndrome Fetal alcohol syndrome Fragile X syndrome Ganser syndrome Gerstmann syndrome Goldenhar syndrome Irritable bowel syndrome Kallmann syndrome Kliene Levin syndrome Klienfelters syndrome Marfan syndrome Menieres disease Metabolic syndrome Munchausen syndrome Neuroleptic malignant syndrome Prader Willi syndrome Reye's syndrome Rett syndrome Senile dementia Skumin syndrome Testicular feminization syndrome Triple X syndrome Turners syndromesher syndrome Wernickes syndrome Withdrawal syndrome See also General adaptation syndrome Myofacial pain Organic brain syndromes Paraneoplastic syndromes Serotonin syndrome Stockholm syndrome Sudden infant death External links

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