Social judgment

· Outline Social judgement is the proces of making a judgement in a social context, this may be of physical measurements in a social situation as with the Asch conformity experiments. judgements of other people as in personality judgements or of complex moral and ethical judgments as in the Stanford prison experiment and Milgram experiment. Generally speaking social contexts add to the difficulty of making sound and accurate judgments, leading to judgment disturbances. Contenido 1 Ver también 2 References & Bibliography 3 Textos clave 3.1 Libros 3.2 Papeles 4 Material adicional 4.1 Libros 4.2 Papeles 5 External links See also Attribution Conformity Impression formation List of biases in judgment and decision making Obedience Person perception Social categorization Social cognition Social judgement theory References & Bibliography Key texts Books Sherif, M. and Hovland, C.I. (1961) Social Judgement: Assimilation and Contrast in Communication and Attitude Change, nuevo refugio, Conn.: Prensa de la Universidad de Yale. Papers Additional material Books Papers Google Scholar External links This psychology-related article is a stub. Puedes ayudar a la Wiki de Psicología expandiéndola.

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