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Self-archiving was first explicitly proposed as a universal practice by Stevan Harnad in his 1994 posting "Subversive Proposal", although computer scientists had been doing it spontaneously in anonymous FTP archives since at least the '80's (see CiteSeer) and physicists since the early '90s on the web (see arXiv).  Sobre 94% of peer-reviewed journals already endorse authors self-archiving preprint and/or postprint versions of their papers. Whereas the right to self-archive postprints is a copyright matter, the right to self-archive preprints is merely a question of journal policy. See also American Scientist Open Access Forum Berlin Declaration Budapest Open Access Initiative Eprints Cogprints Institutional Repositories Open Archives Initiative Open access Subversive Proposal External links A Subversive Proposal by S. Harnad, (1995), in Okerson, Un. and O'Donnell, J., Eds. Scholarly Journals at the Crossroads: A Subversive Proposal for Electronic Publishing Association of Research Libraries Self Archiving FAQ: Answers to most of the questions you might have about self-archiving. There is also a Glossary of Terms in case you find yourself wading in jargon. Publisher copyright policies & self-archiving EPrints software for self-archiving and open access (OA) eprint archives a self-archiving wiki Open Access to Peer-Reviewed Research through Author/Institution Self-Archiving Registry of Open Access Repository Material Archiving Policy (ROARMAP) Open Access Archivangelism: Maximizing Research Impact through Maximizing Research Access Info Today Association of Research Libraries CiteSeer References Berners-Lee, T., De Roure, D., Harnad, S. and Shadbolt, N. (2005) Journal publishing and author self-archiving: Peaceful Co-Existence and Fruitful Collaboration. HTTP:// Brody, T. and Harnad, S. 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