Psychiatric illness and increased mortality

· Those suffering from diagnosed mentall illness have been shown to have increased mortality risk, between two and three times that found in matched samples of the general public. This psychology-related article is a stub. You can help the Psychology Wiki by expanding it. Contents 1 Bibliografía 2 Key Texts – Libros 3 Material adicional – Libros 4 Key Texts – Papeles 5 Material adicional - Papeles 6 External links Bibliography Key TextsBooks Additional materialBooks Key TextsPapers Additional material - Papers Babigian, H. M. & Odoroff, O. L. (1969) The mortality experience of a population with psychiatric illness. American Journal of Psychiatry, 126, 470-480.[Medline] Covey, L. S., Glassman, Un. H. & Stetner, F. (1998) Cigarette smoking and major depression. Journal of Addictive Diseases, 17, 35-46.  Farr, W. (1841) Report upon the mortality of lunatics. Journal of the Statistical Society, 4, 17-33.  harris, E. C. & barraclough, B. (1997) Suicide as an outcome for mental disorders. Un metanálisis. Revista Británica de Psiquiatría, 170, 205-228.[Abstracto] harris, E. C. & barraclough, B. (1998) Excess mortality of dental disorder. Revista Británica de Psiquiatría, 173, 11-53.[Abstracto] Innes, G. & Millar, W. M. (1970) Mortality among psychiatric patients. Scottish Medical Journal, 15, 143-148.[Medline] Jenkins, R., Bebbington, PAGS., Brugha, T. S., Farrell, M., Lewis, G. & Meltzer, H. (1998) British psychiatric morbidity survey. Revista Británica de Psiquiatría, 173, 4-7.[Medline] Joukamaa, M., Heliövaara, M., Knekt, PAGS., et al (2001) Mental disorders and cause-specific mortality. Revista Británica de Psiquiatría, 179, 498-502.[Abstract/Free Full Text] norris, V. (1959) Mental Illness in London. Maudsley Monograph No. 6. Londres: Oxford University Press. Pratt, L. Un., Vado, D. E. & Crum, R. M. (1996) Depresión, psychotropic medication, and risk of myocardial infarction: prospective data from the Baltimore ECA follow-up. Circulation, 94, 3123-3129.[Abstract/Free Full Text] Rorsman, B., Hagnell, O. & Lanke, J. (1982) Mortality in the Lundby study. Natural death in different forms of mental disorder in a total population investigated during a 25-year period. Neuropsychobiology, 8, 188-197.[Medline] Salmons, P. & Sims, Un. (1981) Smoking profiles of patients admitted for neurosis. Revista Británica de Psiquiatría, 139, 43-46.[Abstracto] Sims, Un (2201). Mortality statistics in psychiatry. B.J.Psych.,179: 477-478.Fulltext Shepherd, M. (1957) A Study of the Major Psychoses in an English County. Maudsley Monograph No. 3. Londres: Oxford University Press. Wing, J. K., Tonelero, J. E. & Sartorius, N. (1974) The Measurement and Classification of Psychiatric Symptoms. Londres: Cambridge University External links

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