Predatory aggression

Predatory aggression is shown by animals when they attack their natural prey. In this sense it may be regarded as part of food gathering behaviour and not true aggression. In this context it is related to hunting behaviour and a broader repetoire of behaviours As to whether man is subject to such motivational forces is arguable and ideas of man the hunter and the predatory male etc perhaps cloud the issue. Contenido 1 Ver también 2 References & Bibliography 3 Textos clave 3.1 Libros 3.2 Papeles 4 Material adicional 4.1 Libros 4.2 Papeles 5 External links See also Aggression Evolution and aggression in man References & Bibliography Key texts Books Papers Additional material Books Papers Google Scholar External links This psychology-related article is a stub. Puedes ayudar a la Wiki de Psicología expandiéndola.

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