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· Phobias 'Articles Diagnosis Biology Genetics Children Development Cognitive features Theory Course Epidemiology Risk factors Cause Service planning Assessment Comorbidity Treatment Relapse prevention Prognosis Suicide Service users page Carers page List of Phobias Animal phobias Culture specific phobias Medically related phobias Environmental phobias Situational phobias Social phobias This boxview• talk• edit Phobias - Incidence Phobias - Prevalence Phobias - Morbidity Phobias - Mortality Phobias - Racial distribution Phobias - Age distribution Phobias - Sex distribution Prevalence Phobias (in the clinical meaning of the term) are the most common form of anxiety disorders. An American study by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) found that between 8.7% y 18.1% of Americans suffer from phobias. [1] Broken down by age and gender, the study found that phobias were the most common mental illness among women in all age groups and the second most common illness among men older than 25. ReferencesKessler etal, Prevalencia, Severity, and Comorbidity of 12-Month DSM-IV Disorders in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication, Junio 2005, Archive of General Psychiatry, Volumen 20 v·d·e Phobias List of phobias Ablutophobia· Acarophobia· Acrophobia· Aerophobia· Agorafobia· Agraphobia· Aichmophobia· Ailurophobia· Algophobia· Amathophobia· Amaxophobia· Androphobia· Anemophobia· Anginophobia· Anthophobia· Anthrophobia· Anthropophobia· Aphephobia· Apiphobia· acuafobia· Arachnophobia· Astraphobia· Autophobia· Aviatophobia· Aviophobia·bacilofobia· Ballistophobia· Basiphobia· Bathophobia·Batrachophobia· Belonephobia· Bibliophobia· Biphobia· Brontophobia· Cainophobia· Cainotophobia· Cardiophobia·Catotrophobia· Cenophobia· Centophobia· Chemophobia· Cherophobia· Chiroptophobia· Computerphobia· Claustrophobia· Contreltophobia· Coprophobia· Coulrophobia· Cynophobia· Cypridophobia· Demophobia· Dentophobia· Dysmorphphobia· Eisoptrophobia· Emetophobia· Enissophobia· Entomophobia· Ephebiphobia· Epistemophobia· Equinophobia· Eremophobia· Ereuthrophobia· Ergasiophobia· Ergophobia· erotofobia· Erythrophobia· Galeophobia· Gamophobia· Gatophobia·Genophobia· Gephyrophobia· Gerascophobia· Gerontophobia·Geumaphobia· Glossophobia· Gymnophobia· Gynophobia· Haematophobia· Hamaxophobia· Haphephobia· Haphophobia· Hapnophobia· Haptephobia· Haptophobia· Heliophobia· Hemophobia· Herpetophobia· Heterophobia· Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia· Hierophobia· Hippophobia·Homophobia· Hoplophobia· Hydrophobiaphobia· Hyalophobia· Hypertrichophobia· Hypnophobia· Ichthyophobia· Insectophobia· Iophobia· Kainolophobia· Kainophobia· Keraunophobia· Kenophobia· Keraunophobia· Kopophobia· Kymophobia· lalofobia· Levophobia· Lipophobia· Macrophobia·Microphobia· Maimouphobia· Melissophobia· Monophobia· Murophobia· Musophobia· Mysophobia· Necrophobia· Neophobia· Nomophobia· nosofobia· Nyctophobia· Ochlophobia· Ochophobia· Odontophobia· Ombrophobia· Onomatophobia· Ophidiophobia· Ornithophobia· Osmophobia· Panphobia· Paraskavedekatriaphobia· Parturiphobia· Peccatophobia· Phasmophobia· Pediaphobia· Pediophobia· Pedophobia· Phagophobia· Phobiaphobia· Phonophobia· Ponophobia· Photophobia· Psychophobia· Pteromechanophobia· Pyrophobia· Radiophobia· Ranidaphobia· Rhypophobia· Scopophobia·Scotophobia· Somniphobia· Spectrophobia· Stasibasiphobia·Stasiphobia· Suriphobia· Symbolophobia· Taphophobia· Technophobia· Tetraphobia· Thalassophobia· Thanatophobia·Theophobia· Tokophobia· Tonitrophobia· Toxophobia·Tremophobia· Trichophobia· Triskaidekaphobia· tripanofobia· Xenoglossophobia·Xenophobia· Zoophobia

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