Parenting styles

· Outline Parenting style is a psychological construct representing standard strategies parents use in raising their children. One of the best known theories of parenting style was developed by Diana Baumrind. In her research she identified four main parenting styles in early child development: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive and neglectful.[1] These four styles are described below, each with its own pros and cons. Contents 1 Authoritative parenting 2 Authoritarian parenting 3 Permissive parenting 4 Neglectful parenting 5 Outcomes 6 Parenting styles and cognitive functioning in offspring 7 : [Meeting] #40. NPSA: Neuropsychoanalysis. URL a la que se accede en 2007-09-23. =Books Papers Baumrind, D. (1966). Effects of Authoritative Parental Control on Child Behavior, Desarrollo del niño, 37(4), 887-907. Baumrind, D. (1967). Child care practices anteceding three patterns of preschool behavior. Genetic Psychology Monographs, 75(1), 43-88. Baumrind,D. (1978). Parental disciplinary patterns and social competence in children. Youth and Society,9,238-276 Gruesec, Yo. E. ( 1997 ). A History of Research on Parenting Strategies and Children's internalization of Values, In Parenting and ChiIdren 's Internaliation of Values. edited by Grusecc, S. E., & Kucsyaski, L., Juan Wiley & Sons Inc. Enlaces externos [HTTP:// handouts for parents created by

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