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Oval window View of the inner wall of the tympanum. (label is 'fen. oval.' - black circle near top.) Latin fenestra ovalis or fenestra vestibuli Gray's subject #230 1040 System MeSH A09.246.631.909.551 Right osseous labyrinth. Lateral view. (label is 'vestibular fenestra' - black circle near center.) The oval window (or vestibular window) is a membrane-covered opening which leads from the middle ear to the vestibule of the inner ear. Vibrations arriving at the eardrum are transmitted via the interacting ossicles from the middle ear through the membrane of the fenestra ovalis to the inner ear. It is a reniform (kidney-shaped) opening leading from the tympanic cavity into the vestibule of the internal ear; its long diameter is horizontal, and its convex border is upward. In the recent state it is occupied by the base of the stapes, the circumference of which is fixed by the annular ligament to the margin of the foramen. External links Diagram at University of Wisconsin This article was originally based on an entry from a public domain edition of Gray's Anatomy. Como tal, some of the information contained herein may be outdated. Please edit the article if this is the case, and feel free to remove this notice when it is no longer relevant. v·d·e Sensory system: Sistemas auditivo y vestibular (AT A15.3, Georgia 10.1029) Pabellón auricular externo (Hélice, antihélix, trago, antitrago, Incisión anterior de la oreja, Lóbulo de oreja) • Canal auditivo • Músculos auriculares Tímpano (Forma, parte flácida) Oído medio Cavidad timpánica Pared laberíntica/medial: Ventana oval · Ventana redonda • Membrana timpánica secundaria • Prominencia del canal facial • Promontorio de la cavidad timpánica Pared membranosa/lateral Pared mastoidea/posterior: Células mastoideas • Aditus al antro mastoideo • Eminencia piramidal Pared carotídea/pared tegmentaria anterior/techo: Receso epitimpánico Pared/suelo yugular Osículos Martillo (cuello de martillo, Ligamento superior del martillo, Ligamento lateral del martillo, Ligamento anterior del martillo) · yunque (Ligamento superior del yunque, Ligamento posterior del yunque) · Estribo (Ligamento anular del estribo) Músculos Estapedio · Tensor del tímpano Trompa de Eustaquio Parte ósea de la trompa faringotimpánica · Cartílago de la trompa faringotimpánica (gaitero toro) Oído interno/ (laberinto membranoso, laberinto óseo) Sistema auditivo Laberinto coclear Cóclea general Scala vestibuli • Helicotrema • Scala tympani • Modiolus • Cúpula coclear Espacio perilinfático Perilinfa • Acueducto coclear Conducto coclear / escala media Membrana de Reissner/vestibular • Membrana basilar Endolinfa • Estría vascular • Ligamento espiral Órgano de Corti: Estereocilios • Membrana tectoria • Surco espiral (externo, interno) • Limbo espiral Sistema vestibular/ Laberinto vestibular Estático/traslación/vestíbulo/conducto endolinfático: utrículo (Mancha) · Bolsas (Mancha, saco endolinfatico) · Kinocilio · Otolito • Acueducto vestibular • Canalis reuniens Cinética/rotaciones: Canales semicirculares (Superior, Posterior, Horizontal) • Cúpula ampular • Ampollas (Crista ampullaris) {| clase="navbox plegable nowraplinks" estilo="margen:auto; " [. v]·[. d]·[. e] M: Oído anat (e/p)/física/desarrollo noco/cong, epón proc, droga (S2) |} es:Ventana oval id:Tingkap oval nl:Ovaal venster This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (ver autores).

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