Olfactory bulb mitral cells

Olfactory bulb mitral cells Coronal section of olfactory bulb. Sujeto latino de Gray #189 848 Sistema MeSH [1] Plan of olfactory neurons. Mitral cells are neurons that make up a part of the olfactory system. The mitral cells are located within the olfactory bulb. They receive information from the axons of olfactory receptor neurons, forming synapses in tangles called glomeruli. Axons of the mitral cells transfer information to a number of areas in the brain, including the piriform cortex, corteza entorrinal, and amygdala. External links Diagram and description v·d·e Sensory system: Olfactory system / Olfaction / Rhinencephalon (TA 15.1, Georgia 10.992) Olfactory epithelium Olfactory glands· Olfactory mucosa· Sustentacular cell Olfactory nerve: 1° neuron Olfactory receptor neurons (Olfactory receptor) → Olfactory bulb (Glomeruli) Olfactory nerve: 2° neuron Mitral cellsOlfactory tractOlfactory trigone Lateral olfactory stria/ Primary olfactory cortex Piriform cortex· EC-hippocampus system (Entorhinal cortex, Hippocampal formation) · Prepyriform area· Periamygdaloid cortex Stria medullarisHabenular nuclei AmygdalaStria terminalisHypothalamus Medial forebrain bundleHypothalamus Medial olfactory stria Anterior olfactory nucleus Template:Olfaction navs This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (ver autores).

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