List of social inequalities

· Outline There are various types of social inequality, including and/or based on: Ability adultism ageism cruelty to animals exploitation of children: see child abuse, child labor, child prostitution and children's rights movement chauvinism classism disability: see disability rights movement economic inequality ethnocentrism fascism Intelligence mental illness: see MindFreedom International Power racism religiocentrism sexism and violence against women sexual preference gay rights homophobia Zoosexuality and the law violence against LGBT See also Bigotry Cultural imperialism Discrimination Exploitation Fundamentalism Hate groups Social hierarchy Oppression Liberation and rights Animal rights and Animal welfare Anti-racism Civil rights Feminist movement Gay rights Human rights Prisoners' rights Women's rights See also List of countries by Income Inequality [1] Esta página utiliza contenido con licencia Creative Commons de Wikipedia (ver autores).

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