Inner ear

Inner ear The cochlea and vestibule, viewed from above. Latin auris interna Gray’s subject #232 1047 System MeSH A09.246.631 The inner ear comprises both: the organ of hearing (the cochlea) and the labyrinth or vestibular apparatus, the organ of balance located in the inner ear that consists of three semicircular canals and the vestibule. External links SUNY Labs 30:05-0101 This medical article is a stub. You can help The Psychology Wiki by expanding it. v·d·e Sensory system: Auditory and Vestibular systems (TA A15.3, Georgia 10.1029) Outer ear Pinna (Helix, Antihelix, Tragus, Antitragus, Incisura anterior auris, Earlobe) • Ear canal • Auricular muscles Eardrum (Umbo, Pars flaccida) Middle ear Tympanic cavity Labyrinthine wall/medial: Oval window · Round window • Secondary tympanic membrane • Prominence of facial canal • Promontory of tympanic cavity Membranous wall/lateral Mastoid wall/posterior: Mastoid cells • Aditus to mastoid antrum • Pyramidal eminence Carotid wall/anterior Tegmental wall/roof: Epitympanic recess Jugular wall/floor Ossicles Malleus (Neck of malleus, Superior ligament of malleus, Lateral ligament of malleus, Anterior ligament of malleus) · Incus (Superior ligament of incus, Posterior ligament of incus) · Stapes (Anular ligament of stapes) Muscles Stapedius · Tensor tympani Eustachian tube Bony part of pharyngotympanic tube · Cartilage of pharyngotympanic tube (Torus tubarius) Inner ear/ (membranous labyrinth, bony labyrinth) Auditory system Cochlear labyrinth General cochlea Scala vestibuli • Helicotrema • Scala tympani • Modiolus • Cochlear cupula Perilymphatic space Perilymph • Cochlear aqueduct Cochlear duct / scala media Reissner’s/vestibular membrane • Basilar membrane Endolymph • Stria vascularis • Spiral ligament Organ of Corti: Stereocilia • Tectorial membrane • Sulcus spiralis (externus, internus) • Spiral limbus Vestibular system/ Vestibular labyrinth Static/translations/vestibule/endolymphatic duct: Utricle (Macula) · Saccule (Macula, Endolymphatic sac) · Kinocilium · Otolith • Vestibular aqueduct • Canalis reuniens Kinetic/rotations: Semicircular canals (Superior, Posterior, Horizontal) • Ampullary cupula • Ampullae (Crista ampullaris) {| class=»navbox collapsible nowraplinks» style=»margin:auto; » [. v]·[. d]·[. e] M: EAR anat (e/p)/phys/devp noco/cong, epon proc, drug (S2) |}