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of a publication ISO 1086 — Title leaves of a book ISO 2145 — Numbering of divisions & subdivisions in written documents ISO 5966 — Presentation of scientific & technical reports ISO 6357 — Spine titles on books & other publications ISO 7144 — Presentation of theses & similar documents United Kingdom General R.W. Burchfield; Fowler's Modern English Usage (Third edition); Prensa Clarendon; ISBN 0-19-861021-1 (revised 3rd edition, de tapa dura, 2004) (original Fowler's Modern English Usage by Fowler) The King's English by the Fowler brothers, Henry Watson Fowler and Francis George Fowler The Oxford Manual of Style: los 2003 work combines The Oxford Guide to Style and The Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors with the latter concentrating on common problems. Plain Words by Sir Ernest Gowers Usage and Abusage by Eric Partridge Journalism PDF version of the BBC News Style Guide: from the British Broadcasting Corporation The Economist's style guide, (Reino Unido) The Guardian Style Guide: from The Guardian (Reino Unido) The Times Style and Usage Guide: from The Times (Reino Unido) United States Two of the most widely used style guides in the United States are The Chicago Manual of Style and the Associated Press stylebook. Most American newspapers base their style on that of The Associated Press, but also have their own style guides for local terms and individual preferences. The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White, is considered a classic. Bill Walsh, en "Lapsing into a Comma" and at his Web site, The Slot, addresses contemporary conundrums such as nonstandard orthography in names, como en "yahoo!" for the Internet portal. General The Chicago Manual of Style: mostly publishing conventions; ranks high in sales figures by Amazon The Elements of Style by Strunk and White, United States Bryson's Dictionary of Troublesome Words by Bill Bryson Books and general interest The Chicago Manual of Style; Prensa de la Universidad de Chicago; ISBN 0-226-10403-6 (15ª edición, de tapa dura, 2003). Margaret Mahan wrote the preface, but is not credited as editor. Web sites Janice Walker and Todd Taylor The Columbia Guide to Online Style; Columbia University Press ISBN 0231107897 (libro de bolsillo, 1998) and ISBN 0231107889 (tapa dura, 1998) Newspapers Associated Press Stylebook: self-indexed; the foremost guide to newspaper style in the United States. The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage, edición revisada. Allan M. Siegal and William G. Connolly. Nueva York: Times Books, 1999. ISBN 0812963881. Self-indexed. Wall Street Journal style guide Government GPO Style Manual Academic ACS Style Guide: style for scientific papers published in journals of the American Chemical Society American Medical Association Manual of Style: style for medical papers published in journals of the American Medical Association APA style: academic style for the social sciences by the American Psychological Association American Sociological Association Style Guide: academic style for the social sciences by the American Sociological Association Scientific Style and Format: The CBE Manual for Authors, Editores, and Publishers: style for scientific papers published by the Council of Science Editors, a group formerly known as the Council of Biology Editors The Lancet: Formatting guidelines for electronic submission of revised manuscripts Formatting requirements for The Lancet; academic style for research and other articles for submission. MHRA Style Guide: academic style for the arts and humanities published by the Modern Humanities Research Association; available for free download (see article); based in the United Kingdom MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers: academic style for the arts and humanities by the Modern Language Association of America The Style Manual for Political Science: academic style used by many American political science journals, published by the American Political Science Association. "Turabian": popular name for a widely used academic style guide based on the Chicago Manual Words into Type: publishing conventions, less scholarly, more accessible than the Chicago Manual Nature - Formatting Guide (Word-file) Advances in Physics - Style Guide (Adobe pdf) Computer industry (software and hardware) Read Me First! A Style Guide for the Computer Industry; Sun Technical Publications/Prentice Hall; ISBN 0-131-42899-3 (2ª edición, 2003). Provides comprehensive guidelines for documenting computer products, from writing about web sites to legal guidelines, from writing for an international audience, to developing a documentation department. Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications; Microsoft Press; ISBN 0-735-61746-5 (3rd Bk&CD edition, 2003). Provides a style standard for technical documentation, Incluido: use of terminology; conventions, procedure, and design treatments; and punctuation and grammar usage. For a summary and comparison of academic style guides, see Style Manuals and Writing Guides by the CSULA University Library. See also The Elements of Style English writing style Diction Disputed usage Grammar from a linguistic perspective. Prescription and description Punctuation Spelling External links Style guides for American English Government Printing Office Style Manual The University of Memphis list of Style Manuals & Guides The Slot, by Bill Walsh Bartleby Searchable Usage Guides Style guide for Australian English Queensland government style guide Style guides for British English The Economist's style guide The Guardian's style guide The Times's style guide European Union English style guide (Formato PDF) Style guide for Canadian English York University Style Guide (based on the Canadian Press Stylebook) Style guides for international organizations International Telecommunications Union English-language style guide (Microsoft Word format) International Red Cross English Style Guide (Formato PDF) WHO English Style Guide (Formato PDF) Miscellaneous Stylebook advice: Tips on creating, revising and using style guides; report from a conference session by the American Copy Editors Society Style Matters: What the AP Isn't Telling You, research on style guides by Beth Hughes, United States Web style guide, by Patrick J. 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