Health care psychology

· Introduction to health care psychology Illness Perspectives in health psychology The experience of health care Psychophysiological bases of disease Health psychology and health behavior Health psychology and different illnesses Psychosomatic disorders Pain Health psychology and palliative care Preparation and aftercare in organ transplantation Health psychology and reproductive health Child health psychology Occupational health psychology Working with different health groups Health promotion Preventative medicine Assessment in health psychology Research in health psychology Attitudes and illness Consultancy in health psychology Teaching and training other health disciplines in health psychology Ethical issues in health psychology Genetic counseling Contents 1 Bibliografía 2 Textos Clave – Libros 3 Material adicional – Libros 4 Textos Clave – Documentos 5 Material adicional - Papeles 6 External links Bibliography Key Texts – Books Freidman, H.S. & Silver, R.C (2007)Foundations of Health Psychology. OUP ISBN 019513959 Llewelyn, S & Kennedy, P (Eds).Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology. Wiley Interscience Print ISBN: 0471485446 Online ISBN: 0470013389 Material adicional – Libros Textos clave – Artículos Material adicional - Papers External links Please copy this set of prompts to other approriate places. When using fill in the area name before the colons. Feel free to amend as necessary Instructions_for_archiving_academic_and_professional_materials Health psychology and medicine: Academic support materials Health psychology and medicine: Lecture slides Health psychology and medicine: Lecture notes Health psychology and medicine: Lecture handouts Health psychology and medicine: Multimedia materials Health psychology and medicine: Other academic support materials Health psychology and medicine: Anonymous fictional case studies for training

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