GABA B receptor

GABAB receptors (GABABR) are metabotropic transmembrane receptors that are linked via G-proteins to potassium channels (Chen et al., 2005). These receptors are found in the central and peripheral autonomic nervous system (Martin and Dunn, 2002). They can stimulate the opening of K+ channels which brings the neuron closer to the equilibrium potential of K+, hyperpolarising the neuron. This prevents sodium channels from opening, action potentials from firing, and VOCCs from opening, and so stops neurotransmitter release. Thus GABAB receptors are considered inhibitory receptors. GABAB receptors can also reduce the activity of adenylyl cyclase and decrease the cell’s conductance to Ca2+ (Siegel et al., 1999; Martin and Dunn, 2002). GABAB receptors are involved in behavioral actions of ethanol [1], gamma-hydroxy butyric acid (GHB; "rape drug")[2], and possibly in pain [3]. Recent research suggests that these receptors may play an important developmental role [4]. GABABRs are similar in structure to and in the same receptor family with metabotropic glutamate receptors (MRC, 2003). There are two subtypes of the receptor, GABAB1 and GABAB2 (Purves et al., 2001; Martin and Dunn, 2002), and these appear to assemble as heterodimers in neuronal membranes by linking up by their intracellular C termini (Martin and Dunn, 2002; MRC, 2003). It is speculated that binding of GABA causes the subunits to swing shut around the agonist like a venus fly trap (Martin and Dunn, 2002). Baclofen is a GABA analogue selective for GABAB receptors used as a muscle relaxant. Sin embargo, it can aggravate absence seizures, and so is not used in epilepsy. Saclofen and phaclofen are selective antagonists. See also GABAA receptor GABAC receptor Gamma-aminobutyric acid References Chen K., Lia H.Z., Yea N., Zhanga J., and Wang J.J. 2005. Role of GABAB receptors in GABA and baclofen-induced inhibition of adult rat cerebellar interpositus nucleus neurons in vitro. Boletín de investigación del cerebro, 67(4), 310-318. Kandel ER, Schwartz JH, Jessell TM. Principios de la Ciencia Neuronal, 4El d. pp.178-180. McGraw-Hill, Nueva York (2000). ISBN 0838577016 Martin I.L., and Dunn S.M.J. 2002. GABA Receptors. Tocris Cookson Ltd. MRC (Medical Research Counsil). 2003. Glutamate receptors: Structures and functions. University of Brisotol Centre for Synaptic Plasticity. Purves D., Augustine G.J., Fitzpatrick D., Katz L.C., LaMantia A.S., McNamara J.O., and Williams S.M. 2001. Neurociencia, Second Edition. Asociados Sinauer, Inc. This biochemistry article is a stub. You can help Psychology Wiki by expanding it. uk:ГАМКВ-рецептор This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (ver autores).

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