Talent identification and management

Évaluation | Biopsychologie | Comparatif | Cognitif | Du développement | Langue | Différences individuelles | Personnalité | Philosophie | Social | Méthodes | Statistiques | Clinique | Éducatif | Industriel | Articles professionnels | Psychologie mondiale | Industriel & Organisational: Introduction: Personnel: Organizational psychology: Occupations: Work environment: Index: Outline Talent identification and management consists of the ways by which an organization spots, recruits, retains, and develops talent. Contents 1 Assess talent pool needs 2 Spot talent 3 Develop talent 4 Retain talent 5 External links Assess talent pool needs assess the capabilities present in the current members of the organization gauge the capabilities needed by the organization compare the two and determine the gaps Spot talent identify individuals with leadership potential identify individuals with management potential identify subject matter experts (SME's) and key knowledge holders identify businesses which can improve your own business Develop talent establish individual development plans Retain talent establish recognition plans establish reward schemes External links HR experts: http (en anglais)://www.ott-consulting.co.uk/ cool site: http (en anglais)://www.talentdevelop.com/ Online Talentmanagement Development Includes link to free templates and tutorials This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (voir les auteurs).

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