Inter-male aggression

Inter-male aggression is a feature of many species. It may occur on contact with unfamiliar males almost as a routine behaviour. In other species it is mainly a feature of mating conditions and is thought to be a mechanism for ensuring that fitter genes are maintained in the population. There is good evidence that such behaviour is linked to testosterone levels as immature or castrated males do not produce the behaviour. It is a subject of debate as to whether humans act out of the same motivations. Contents 1 Voir aussi 2 Références & Bibliographie 3 Textes clés 3.1 Livres 3.2 Papiers 4 Matériel supplémentaire 4.1 Livres 4.2 Papiers 5 External links See also Aggression Neurochemistry of aggression References & Bibliography Key texts Books Papers Additional material Books Papers Google Scholar External links This psychology-related article is a stub. Vous pouvez aider le Wiki psychologie en l’élargissant.

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