Forms of activity and interpersonal relations

· Outline Forms of activity and interpersonal relations in sociology can be described as follows: first and most basic are animal-like behaviors, c'est à dire. various physical movements of the body. Then there are actions - movements with a meaning and purpose. Then there are social behaviors, which are addressed towards other people, and social actions, which further require a response from another person. Next are social contacts, a pair of social actions, and which form the beginning of the social interactions. Social interactions in turn form the basis of the social relation. This division is illustrated by the below table: Physical movement Meaning Directed towards others Await response Unique/rare interaction Interactions Accidental, not planned, but repated interaction Regular interactions Interactions described by law, custom or tradition A scheme of social interactions Behavior * Action * * Social behavior * * * Social action * * * * Social contact * * * * * Social interaction * * * * * * Repeated interaction * * * * * * * Regular interaction * * * * * * * * Regulated interaction * * * * * * * * * Social relation * * * * * * * * * * Cet article lié à la psychologie est un bout. Vous pouvez aider le Wiki psychologie en l’élargissant. See also Affectional action Instrumental action Traditional action Value-rational action Reference Piotr Sztompka, Socjologia, Znak, 2002, ISBN 8324002189 Cette page utilise du contenu sous licence Creative Commons de Wikipedia (voir les auteurs).

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