Behavioral Investment Theory

Behavioral Investment Theory (or BIT) is part of a larger theoretical framework called the Tree of Knowledge System developed by Gregg Henriques. Spécifiquement, BIT represents the Life-to-Mind Joint Point in the ToK. Contents 1 Voir aussi 2 References & Bibliography 3 Textes clés 3.1 Livres 3.2 Papiers 4 Matériel supplémentaire 4.1 Livres 4.2 Papiers 5 External links See also The Justification Hypothesis Tree of Knowledge System/Expert article by Gregg Henriques Tree of Knowledge System (community article) References & Bibliography Key texts Books Papers Henriques, Gregg. (2004). Psychology Defined. Journal de psychologie clinique, 60: 1207-1221. Full text Henriques, Gregg. (2003). The Tree of Knowledge System and the Theoretical Unification of Psychology. Review of General Psychology, Volume. 7, Non. 2, 150-182. Full text. Additional material Books Papers Geary, ré. C. (2005). La motivation à contrôler et l'origine de l'esprit: Explorer le point commun vie-esprit dans l'arbre de la connaissance. Journal de psychologie clinique, 61, 21-46. Full text External links The Official Website on the Tree of Knowledge System Henriques' lecture slides on BIT

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