Evolutionary Cognitive Neuroscience

· You can discuss your views of this book on the discussion page (Haga clic en la pestaña de discusión en la parte superior de esta página) Referencia completa del libro.: Platek, S.M., Keenan, J.P., & Shackelford, T.K. (Eds). (2006). Evolutionary Cognitive Neuroscience. The MIT Press. Publishers webpage for this book Search for this book on the internet or in libraries near you by clicking on the ISBN number. ISBN 0-262-16241-5 Brief summary of book (From the publisher) Since Darwin we have known that evolution has shaped all organisms and that biological organs--including the brain and the highly crafted animal nervous system--are subject to the pressures of natural and sexual selection. It is only relatively recently, sin embargo, that the cognitive neurosciences have begun to apply evolutionary theory and methods to the study of brain and behavior. This landmark reference documents and defines the emerging field of evolutionary cognitive neuroscience. Chapters by leading researchers demonstrate the power of the evolutionary perspective to yield new data, teoría, and insights on the evolution and functional modularity of the brain. Evolutionary cognitive neuroscience covers all areas of cognitive neuroscience, from nonhuman brain-behavior relationships to human cognition and consciousness, and each section of Evolutionary Cognitive Neuroscience addresses a different adaptive problem. After an introductory section that outlines the basic tenets of both theory and methodology of an evolutionarily informed cognitive neuroscience, the book treats neuroanatomy from ontogenetic and phylogenetic perspectives and explores reproduction and kin recognition, spatial cognition and language, and self-awareness and social cognition. Notable findings include a theory to explain the extended ontogenetic and brain development periods of big-brained organisms, fMRI research on the neural correlates of romantic attraction, an evolutionary view of sex differences in spatial cognition, a theory of language evolution that draws on recent research on mirror neurons, and evidence for a rudimentary theory of mind in nonhuman primates. A final section discusses the ethical implications of evolutionary cognitive neuroscience and the future of the field. Published reviews of this book Authors comments on this book Publication history. Please include alternative ISBN numbers where possible Reviews of this book. Ponga enlaces a reseñas existentes (en revistas, etc.) o por qué no escribir uno propio y crear una página para ello?  If you are the author please comment on your book Significant references in this book See also Evolutionary cognitive neuroscience Steven M. Platek

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