Emotional states

Emotion Articles Affective disorders Affective education Affective neuroscience Animal emotionality Emotion focused therapy Emotional abuse Emotional adjustment Emotional content Emotional control Emotional detachment Emotional development Emotional disturbances Emotional immaturity Emotional inferiority Emotional instability Emotional intelligence EQ measures Emotional literacy Emotional maturity Emotional regulation Emotional restraint Emotional security Emotional stability Emotional states Emotional superiority Emotional trauma Emotionality (personalidad) Categoría Listas:Emoción Temas emoción Lista de emociones Teorías de la emoción Este recuadro: view • talk • edit See also: Emotions Basic emotions Anger Fear or scared Sad Happy or glad Disgust Surprise Other emotional states Acceptance Affection Agitation Alienation Ambivalence Anticipation Anxiety Apathy Apprehension Aversion Bitterness Boredom Calmness Contentment Confidence Delighted Depression (emoción) Desire Disappointment Doubt Embarrassment Emotional trauma Enthusiasm Envy Euphoria Frustration Gratitude Grief Guilt Hate Helplessness Homesickness Honor Hope Hopelessness Humility Indignation Joy Jealousy Kindness Loneliness Love Lust Mania Mental confusion Modesty Nervousness Negativity Nostalgia Optimism Pain Patience Peace Pessimism Pity Pleasure Pride Rage Restlessness Remorse Repentance Shame Shock Shyness Sorrow Suffering Suspicion Sympathy Terror Vulnerability Wonderment Worry See also Abandonment Craving Dispositional affect Irritability Learned helplessness Morale Mood disorders Mood management theory Moodiness PAD emotional state model

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