Emory S. Bogardus

Evaluación | Biopsicología | Comparativo | Cognitivo | Del desarrollo | Idioma | Diferencias individuales | Personalidad | Filosofía | Social | Métodos | Estadística | Clínico | Educativo | Industrial | Artículos profesionales | Psicología mundial | Psicología Profesional: Debating Chamber · Psychology Journals · Psychologists Emory S. Bogardus (born near Belvidere, Illinois, Febrero 21, 1882 – Agosto 21, 1973) was a prominent figure in the history of American sociology. Bogardus founded one of the first sociology departments at an American university, at the University of Southern California in 1915. Contents 1 Educación 2 Carrera profesional 3 Extracurricular activities 4 Publicaciones 5 External links Education Bogardus received his Bachelors and Masters degrees at Northwestern University in 1908 y 1909, respectivamente. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1911. Career Immediately after earning his doctorate, Bogardus joined the faculty of the University of Southern California as a professor of sociology, helping to establish an independent sociology department there in 1915. He also developed a sociological principle known as the Bogardus Social Distance Scale. Extracurricular activities In addition to his work in the field, Bogardus also engaged in many activities designed to strengthen the discipline of sociology through social organizations. En 1920, he founded Alpha Kappa Delta, the international sociology honor society and was national president of that organization from 1924-1925, 1926-1927, y 1946-1947. En 1931, he served as president of the American Sociological Society. Publications During his lengthy academic career, Bogardus authored 24 books and over 250 articles of varying lengths. His books are as follows (multiple dates indicate various editions): Introduction to the Social Sciences, 1913, 1922 Introduction to Sociology, 1913, 1927, 1931, 1949 Essentials of Social Psychology, 1917, 1923 A History of Social Thought, 1922,1929 The New Social Research, 1923, 1927 Fundamentals of Social Psychology, 1924, 1941 Social Problems and Social Processes, edited, 1933 Contemporary Sociology, 1931; Leaders and Leadership, 1934 Essentials of Americanization, 1919,1923 Immigration and Race Attitudes, 1928 The Mexican in the United States, 1934 The City Boy and His Problems, 1926 Introduction to Social Research, 1936 The Development of Social Thought, 1940, 1947 External links American Sociological Association tribute to Emory S. Bogardus (archive link, was dead) University of Southern California tribute to Emory S. Bogardus This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (ver autores).

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