· Disablism is discriminatory, oppressive, or abusive behaviour arising from the belief that people with disabilities are inferior to others. Unlike racism or sexism, it is not defined in most dictionaries, but is commonly used by people to describe the discrimination (both intentional and unintentional) that a disabled individual faces. A key concept in disability rights is that treating everyone as if they are non-disabled is effectively discriminatory in itself - treating everyone as if they can access written material, premises with steps, and so on excludes disabled people. See social model of disability for more discussion. See also Ableism Disability etiquette List of disability rights activists temporarily-able-bodied (tab) disability culture racism External links Demos report: discapacidad: how to end the last prejudice Web event May 1 2006: Blogging against disablism day Disablism in Language/Metaphors: Can Words Hurt Us? ] Esta página utiliza contenido con licencia Creative Commons de Wikipedia (ver autores).

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