Directed attention fatigue

Directed attention fatigue occurs when the inhibitory attention system, that part of the brain which allows us to concentrate in the face of distractions, becomes fatigued. Signs of directed attention fatigue include temporarily feeling unusually distractible, impatient, forgetful, or cranky when there is no associated illness. In more severe forms, it can lead to bad judgment, apatía, or accidents, and can contribute to increased stress levels. DAF is caused by concentrating too much in the midst of external or internal distractions. Inhibitory attention chemicals are replenished during sleep, so lack of sleep can increase the likelihood of directed attention fatigue. Researchers studying directed attention fatigue: Dr. Rachel Kaplan, the University of Michigan Dr. Stephen Kaplan, the University of Michigan Dr. Bernadine Cimprich, the University of Michigan Dr. Frances Kuo, University of Illinois Contents 1 Bibliografía 2 Textos Clave – Libros 3 Material adicional – Libros 4 Textos Clave – Documentos 5 Material adicional - Papeles 6 External links Bibliography Key Texts – Books Additional material – Books Key Texts – Papers Additional material - Papers External links Attention Aspects of attention Absent-mindedness | Attentional control | Attention span | Attentional shift | Attention management | Attentional blink | sesgo atencional | Attention economy | Attention and emotion | Attention optimization | Change blindness | Concentration |Dichotic listening | Directed attention fatigue | Distracción | Distractibility | Divided attention | Hyperfocus | Inattentional blindness | Mindfulness |Mind-wandering | Meditation | Salience | Selective attention | Selective inattention | Signal detection theory | Sustained attention | Vigilance | Visual search | Developmental aspects of attention centration | [[]] | Neuroanatomy of attention Attention versus memory in prefrontal cortex | Default mode network | Dorsal attention network | Medial geniculate nucleus | | Neural mechanisms | Ventral attention network | Intraparietal sulcus | Neurochemistry of attention Glutamatergic system | [[]] | Attention in clinical settings ADHD | ADHD contoversy | AGREGAR | AÑADIR | Attention and aging | Attention restoration theory | Attention seeking | Attention training | Centering | Distractability | Hypervigilance | Hyperprosexia | Cognitive-shifting | Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy | Attention in educational settings Concentration | Assessing attention Benton | Continuous Performance Task | TOMM | Wechsler Memory Scale | Treating attention problems CBT | Psicoterapia | Prominant workers in attention Baddeley | amplio | [[]] | Treisman | Cave | edit This psychology-related article is a stub. Puedes ayudar a la Wiki de Psicología expandiéndola. Esta página utiliza contenido con licencia Creative Commons de Wikipedia (ver autores).

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