Social environments

· Outline The social environment or social context is a group of identical or similar social positions and social roles. Social environment of an individual is the culture that he or she was educated and/or lives in, and the people and institutions with whom the person interacts. Zum Beispiel, there are artistic environments (artists in a given area), educational environments (members of a university), political environments (members of a political party), etc. A given social environment is likely to create an feeling of solidarity among its members, who are more likely to keep together, trust and help one another and think in similar ways. This will likely influence a composition of a social circle. This is the sense of environment usually assumed in sociology, literature, history, art, and also often in common usage. Specific environments that fit into this category are: Academic environment Home environment Rural environments Suburban environments Urban environments Working conditions See also Animal environments Biotic environment Communities Cultural deprivation Natural environment Nature versus nurture Poverty areas Social density [[Towns] Diese Seite verwendet unter Creative Commons lizenzierte Inhalte von Wikipedia (Autoren ansehen).

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