asociado de investigacion clinica

· A clinical research associate is a profession defined by Good clinical practice guidelines (ICH GCP). The main function of a clinical research associate is to monitor clinical trials. A clinical research associate ensures compliance with the clinical protocol, checks clinical site activities, makes on site visits, reviews Case Report Forms and communicates with clinical research investigators. A clinical research associate is usually required to possess an academic degree in Life Sciences and needs to have a good knowledge of Good clinical practice and local regulations (p. ej.. en los Estados Unidos, the code of federal regulations also known as 21 CFRs). External links International Conference on Harmonisation United States Food and Drug Administration Society of Clinical Research Associates (Estados Unidos) Association of Clinical Research Professionals (United States and United Kingdom) Clinical Research Nurses Association (Reino Unido) The Belmont Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines for Research Involving Human Subjects Certified Clinical Research Associate Program Institute of Clinical Research (Reino Unido) Clinical Trials Bookstore Clinical Trials Bookstore This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (ver autores).

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