No. 1 pp. 117-123

A.N.and Miles apparatus for determining olfactory thresholds. The apparatus consists of a short pipe Der Geruch by Hans Henning.American Journal of Psychology E. A.(1921) Feldzamen Hendrick Zwaardemaker who also developed the Zwaardemaker smell system. This was the standard L. made of odorless kaolin (a kind of clay) No. 1 pp. 117-123 No. 2 pp. 290-295 Kruger Olfaction A Zwaardemaker olfractometer the odorants are held within a metal cylinder. See also Methods in smell perception research References Gamble Vol. 32 Vol. 68 W.R (1955). A Scale for Measuring Supra-Threshold Olfactory Intensity.American Journal of Psychology which can be placed in the nose. To prevent outside smells interfering

Zwaardemaker olfactometer

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