Birmingham:Clínico:Curriculum: Learning disabilities

· Aims of the sessions Year I Birm:clin:LD: Introduction Birm:clin:LD: Advocacy Birm:clin:LD: Service users Birm:clin:LD: Challenging behavior Birm:clin:LD: Assessment Birm:clin:LD: Talking therapy 1 Birm:clin:LD: Working with staff Birm:clin:LD: Working with older people Year 2 Birm:clin:LD: Service users Birm:clin:LD: Multiple and profound disabilities Birm:clin:LD: Talking therapies 2 Birm:clin:LD: Transition Birm:clin:LD: Mental health and mental impairment Birm:clin:LD: Sexuality Birm:clin:LD: Systemic Core Reading - Learning Disabilities Module A Craft, Un (1994)) Practice issues in sexuality and learning disabilities. Londres. Routledge. Carnaby, S (1999) Designs for Living: The comparative approach to normalisation for the new millennium. Aldershot: Ashgate. Emerson, E (2001) Challenging Behaviour: Analysis and intervention in people wit, severe intellectual disabilities (Second Edition) Cambridge: Cambridge University, Press. Emerson, E, Hatton, C, Bromly, J & Caine, Un (1998) Clinical Psychology and people with intellectual disabilities. Whiley: Chichester. Emerson, E & Hatton C, (1994) Moving out: The impact of relocation from hospital to the community. Londres: HMSO Emerson, E, Hatton, C, Thompson, T, Parmenter, T (2004) The international handbook of Applied research and intellectual disabilities. John Whiley and Sons: Chichester Kroese, B, Dagnan D & Loumidis, K (1997) Cognitive Therapy for people with learning disabilities. Routledge: Londres. Mansell, J & Ericsson K (1996) Deinstitutionalisation and community living Intellectual services in Britain, Scandinavia and the USA. Chatman and Hall: London Core internet links The Learning Disability Review European Intellectual Disability Research Network Department of Social Security British Institute for Learning Disabilities Mental Health Foundation IASSID - International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual disability Norah Fry Centre The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities Welsh Centre for Learning Disabilities Connects, the Mental Health and Learning Disabilities portal National Down Syndrome Society Mencap Mind - The Mental Health Charity The Sainsbury Centre STEPS - Structures towards Emancipation, Participation and Solidarity - Action Research Project in the European Union Community Action Programme to combat Discrimination National Autistic Society

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