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Contenido 1 Wiki Policy Document 2 Introducción 3 Monthly time allocation 4 Training 5 Continual Professional development 6 Investigar 7 Individual Personal Review 8 Upper limit on time Wiki Policy Document Introduction As an organization that values psychological knowledge we encourage our staff to develop new knowledge and to disseminate the results, and we actively support the use and maintenance of the Psychology Wiki databases of psychological knowledge. We require that each member of staff registers for an account so that their use of the site is available for supportive discussion. Monthly time allocation To this end we encourage staff to contribute two hours of their time a month to editing the collective knowledge base. Obviously we anticipate that staff will access it more frequently in order to use the knowledge available in their work. Training We see that it is a corporate responsibility to ensure that all staff have the confidence and skills to contribute to the collective task of writing, managing and editing the database. To this end we require that all appropriate staff have training in these areas. Where this has not already been achieved it should be integrated into their CPD objectives. Continual Professional development We encourage staff to develop the collective knowledge databases as part of their CPD program. This might take the form of developing knowledge in an area with the explicit outcomes of contributing to the development of the Psychology Wiki. Research We encourage staff that engage in professionally relevant research to publish their findings and to update the collective knowledge base with their results at the earliest appropriate opportunity. Individual Personal Review To provide the opportunity to facilitate, encourage and monitor staff’s contribution it will form part of each member of staffs annual review. To this end all participating staff should produce a copy of the electronic version of their activity record from the Psychology Wiki for these meetings to act as a focus for these discussions. Upper limit on time We appreciate that from time to time staff will contribute more than the two, targeted hours per month to these projects, within work time. More than eight hours per month should be cleared with line managers to ensure that it is justified and consistent with the goals of the organization.

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