Action research

· Outline Action research is a method for intentional learning from experience, originally formulated by social psychologist Kurt Lewin. "Action Research" is characterised by intervention in real world systems followed by close scrutiny of the effects. Its aim is to improve practice and it is typically conducted by a combined team of practitioners and researchers. The action research cycle: Data Collection > Evaluación > Acción > Critical Reflection > Data Collection > Evaluation... It is also related to the Participatory Action Research (PAR) method. Contents 1 Ver también 2 Bibliografía 2.1 Textos clave – Libros 2.2 Material adicional – Libros 2.3 Textos clave – Papeles 2.4 Material adicional - Papeles 3 External links See also Bibliography Key textsBooks Anderson, E. (1990). Streetwise: Race, clase, and change in an urban community. Chicago: Prensa de la Universidad de Chicago. Razón, P & Bradbury H (2004).The Abridged Handbook of Action Research: Student Edition. Sage Publications.ISBN 1412920302 Schorr, L. B. & Schorr, D. (1988). Within our reach: Breaking the cycle of disadvantage. Nueva York: Doubleday. Tharp, R. G., & Gallimore, R. (l988). Rousing minds to life: Teaching and learning in social context. Nueva York: Cambridge University Press. Peter Reason and Hilary Bradbury Additional materialBooks McNiff J & Whitehead J((2006) All You Need to Know About Action Research. Sage. ISBN 141290806X Key textsPapers Elias, M. J. (1994). Capturing excellence in applied settings: A participant conceptualizer and praxis explicator role for community psychologists. American Journal of Community Psychology, 22, 293-318. Garbarino, J. (1992). Children and families in the social environment. 2nd Ed. Nueva York: Aldine de Gruyter. Jasón, L. (1991). Participating in social change: A fundamental value for our discipline. American Journal of Community Psychology, 19, 1-16. Shinn, M. (1992). Homelessness: What is a psychologist to do? American Journal of Community Psychology, 20, 1-24. Material adicional - Papers Google Scholar External links CARN Collaborative Action Research Network Action Research Resources from the Southern Cross University Action Research by Martin Ryder at the University of Colorado at Denver (School of Education) Teacher action research from Edchange. One of the oldest websites dedicated to the action research community sponsored by the Cornell Participatory Action Research Network. Includes the PARchives, a field repository and bibliographic database. Este artículo relacionado con la psicología es un trozo. You can help the Psychology Wiki by expanding it. de:Aktionsforschung This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (ver autores).

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