· Acquisitiveness is a phrenological faculty. Contents 1 Definition 2 Localisation 3 Interaction with other faculties 4 Ver también 5 Referencias & Bibliografía 6 Textos clave 6.1 Libros 6.2 Papeles 7 Material adicional 7.1 Libros 7.2 Papeles 8 External links Definition Acquisitiveness describes the greed to increase one's possessions, to acquire, hoard and save. It can be aimed on material or immaterial fields, depending on the development of other faculties. It stands for the love of oneself's capital and is thus basically a self-centred faculty. Localisation On the lower part of the temple, below Ideality. Interaction with other faculties Acquistiveness + Negative Conscientiousness: inclination towards theft and fraud Acquisitiveness + strong development of Moral faculties: quest for moral perfection Acquisitiveness + strong development of Intellectual faculties: quest for knowledge, academic titles,.. Acquisitiveness + positive Constructiveness + positive Perceptive faculties: business and commercial propensity. Ver también Referencias & Bibliography This article or section does not cite its references or sources. You can help the Psychology Wiki by introducing appropriate citations. Key texts Books Papers Additional material Books Papers External links

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